Makers of the Original  Twiddle™Muff
Twiddle™Muffs, Sports, Cats and Pups provide comfort, warmth and activity to promote increased hand flexibility and brain stimulation.
BeauLily provides attractive, comforting products that create therapeutic physical and mental stimulation
for our beloved elderly family members and friends.
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Twiddle™Muffs have been created with the feedback and input from physical therapists and those who work with the elderly.  The
design and variety of
Twiddle™ attachments provide therapeutic benefits for those struggling with Alzheimer's, arthritis and dementia.

Twiddle™Muffs can help and comfort those with diminished hand mobility, limited social interaction or anyone soothed by repetitive
tactile stimulation.
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Healing Hands - A thoughtful gift becomes the basis for a unique therapeutic device
BeauLily has been recognized as one of the top 200 mom-owned
businesses in
StartupNation’s 2009 Leading Moms In Business Competition!!